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Crazy Like a Fox [Jun. 20th, 2007|09:39 am]
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or like a crazy person?

I'm starting a children's theater next county over which has, as far as I know, none while here there are three. All three seem to be fairly successful, so surely if this county can support three the others can support at least one? Plus I think it would be fun.

But it's a chicken-and-egg type situation, incorporating. You have to file paperwork to incorporate, of course, and there's a fee which I'm just paying on my own because in order to open a business account you have to have a Federal Employer Identity Number. But it seemed silly to get an FEIN for the business, open the account, incorporate and then get a new FEIN for the corporation because corporations are persons for legal purposes and need their own.

There is a tendency in the stuff I've read to discuss all the things/services you need and it seems to me if you hired/bought them all you'd go broke in a week. Much of it is not geared for the lone person/few people who want to build a business on a shoestring. You're supposed to have a board of well-off community leaders who will schmooze other rich folks passionately on your behalf. Not that I would turn down any rich schmoozers who wanted to get money for my organization, but I'm not sure why they should be in charge of it. I realize that this is counter to current thinking, so many of my opinions are, but if someone can make a better argument than 'that's the way it's done' please do.

Much dull legal regulation stuff to get through.

*well the windshield's broken but i love the fresh air, you know*